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A still from the upcoming Dune: Awakening game featuring 2 masked characters.
Image via Funcom

The excitement levels couldn’t be higher for fans of Frank Herbert's iconic sci-fi saga, Dune. Funcom's upcoming open-world survival MMO, Dune: Awakening, has dropped its trailer, and it promises an experience unlike any other. 

Since this is a survival game, you might find our recent game analysis useful for comparison. 

Here's a deep dive into what makes this upcoming game such a promising title.

Arrakis: A World Alive with Danger and Beauty

The trailer features colossal sandworms slithering across the vast deserts, immediately transporting viewers to the harsh yet captivating world of Arrakis

The desolate beauty of the landscape is masterfully rendered, with a constant sense of danger lurking beneath the scorching sun.

We see glimpses of hidden oases, bustling settlements, and ominous underground structures, hinting at the diverse biomes players will explore.

Survival Evolved: Spice, Sandworms, and Social Dynamics

Dune: Awakening isn't your typical survival game. Sure, you'll need to manage your resources, scavenge for supplies, and brave the elements. But here, the ever-present threat of colossal sandworms adds a unique layer of tension. Navigating the sands feels akin to walking on a minefield.

The trailer showcases players strategically navigating sandstorms and using environmental elements to avoid attracting these giant creatures.

The MMO aspect takes center stage, with the trailer highlighting player cooperation in base building, resource gathering, and even taking down formidable foes. The social dynamics promise to be a crucial element, with players potentially forming alliances or fierce rivalries in the unforgiving desert.

A still from the upcoming Dune: Awakening game.
Image via Funcom

A Story Woven into the Sands

The trailer offers gameplay insights into what appears to be a rich narrative. 

We see characters that seem to be pulled straight from the pages of Herbert's novels, hinting that players might encounter familiar faces (or blades) on their journeys. 

The trailer leaves you wanting more, eager to solve the mysteries that lie hidden beneath the sands of Arrakis.

Setting the Bar High for Open-World Survival

Dune: Awakening takes the core tenets of the open-world survival genre and injects them with the unique lore and setting of Dune. 

With its blend of harsh environmental challenges, formidable creatures, and a focus on player interaction, the video game has the potential to be a groundbreaking title. 

Funcom has set the bar high, and with more information on the horizon, the wait for a release date for this ambitious MMO is sure to be agonizingly sweet for Dune fans.

Keep an Eye Out for More News and Reviews

Dune: Awakening has yet to announce a release date, so the wait is far from over. Rest assured, we’ll keep our eyes peeled, so you don’t have to scour Reddit and forums for what may turn out to be a false rumor. Find more of the freshest gaming news and reviews in our other posts and follow us on Instagram to stay ahead of the game!


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