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Nightmare Kart cover art.
Image via LWMedia

All our hunters (and kart racing enthusiasts), you’re gonna want to see this! 

Get ready for a genre-bending spin on the gothic horror you all love and can’t get enough of. Nightmare Kart, the much-loved follow-up to the fan-made BloodbornePSX, has finally revealed its official release date and a brand new name.

Bloodborne Kart Turns Into Nightmare Kart

Originally known as Bloodborne Kart, this passion project from indie developer Lilith Walther ran into a snag with trademark limitations, and all hope of a release date seemed lost.

Until it wasn’t, hunters! While Sony requested Walther remove “Bloodborne” from the name, they have not requested any additional changes, for the essence of the hunt remains.

Nightmare Kart retains the same dark and twisted atmosphere that captivated Bloodborne fans, all wrapped up in a gloriously absurd kart racing experience.

We Have a Release Date!

Mark your calendars because Nightmare Kart is set to drop tomorrow, May 31st, 2024

The game will be free to play on both Steam and, making it accessible to anyone who wants to experience the thrill of the hunt...from behind the wheel.

What Awaits You in the Nightmare?

To start with, the game still boasts an impressive amount of content for a free-to-play title. 

Here's a taste of what awaits you in the nightmare:

  • Multiple playable characters: Race as a cast of 20 distinct characters who wouldn't look out of place on Yharnam's twisted streets.

  • Maps and Tracks Aplenty: Put your driving skills to the test across 16 tracks, each imbued with the haunting beauty and grotesque horrors of the gothic world.

  • Full campaign mode with boss fights: It wouldn't be a true Bloodborne experience without a challenge, would it? Gear up for a story mode that throws some truly nightmarish bosses your way.

  • Versus battle mode: Test your mettle against friends (or make new enemies) in the frantic and unforgiving world of Nightmare Kart's multiplayer mode.

If you've ever dreamt of dodging Cleric Beasts while slinging creepy crawlies at your opponents, then Nightmare Kart is the game for you. With its free-to-play model and impressive feature set, it promises to be a thrilling and hilarious spin on the beloved Bloodborne universe.

Will you be taking a joyride through the nightmare? Stay tuned for soon-to-come gameplay insights and a review of the game!


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