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Art from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.
Image via Electronic Arts

After years of whispers and glimpses, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is finally poised to bridge the ten-year gap since Dragon Age: Inquisition. Thedas awaits.

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We know what you’re thinking: when can we expect to return to the world of mages, templars, and the ever-present threat of Blights? Well, that’s a good question, fellow Inquisitors, because the rumors surrounding Dreadwolf's release date are heating up, to say the least.

A Summer Reveal on the Horizon

Recent reports suggest a summer 2024 reveal for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, followed by a potential launch later in the year. While exciting, it's important to temper expectations. Development can be unpredictable, and delays are never out of the question.

Industry insider Jeff Grubb, known for his scoops, has suggested a summer release is the target, but a slip into 2025 remains a possibility. This aligns with comments from BioWare themselves, hinting at a 2024 release window with a full marketing push this summer.

The Development Challenges

So, why the potential delay? While details are scarce, BioWare has recently undergone restructuring, with some team members moving on. This can naturally impact development timelines. However, there's reason to remain hopeful.

Despite the restructuring, BioWare seems confident in a 2024 release. Plus, a summer reveal would likely showcase a game that is further along in development and closer to launch. This could indicate a tighter development cycle compared to previous Dragon Age titles.

Your Reasons to Stay Hopeful

Here's what fuels the fire of anticipation:

  • A Summer Equals Better Gaming Experience: A summer reveal points toward a game further along in development. This potentially translates to a shorter wait between reveal and release.

  • BioWare's Confidence: BioWare itself seems to be aiming for a 2024 launch, suggesting they're on track despite the restructuring.

Patience is a Virtue (But Hopefully Not for Too Long)

Ultimately, the wait for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf  hinges on that official release date. While rumors will continue until we have an official date, keeping an eye out for a summer reveal from BioWare is our best bet.

In the meantime, polish your armor, dust off your staff, and prepare to face the Dreadwolf. With a bit of luck, we'll be diving back into Thedas before the year ends!

Stay tuned to Ape Odyssey for the latest updates on the game, as well as news and reviews on other upcoming titles.

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