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A spine-chilling red and black scene from the horror film 'Barbarian,' featuring protagonist Tess nervously peering into the basement room she uncovered.
Image via 20th Century Studios

Video game adaptations of movies aren't too common. Some games, like Uncharted, are so well-received that movies are made based on them. The horror film Barbarian was a major success, earning over 45 million dollars at the box office. This propelled gaming studios to create a video game based on the storyline, causing game enthusiasts to hold their breath in anticipation.

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Let’s explore what the video game adaptation of Barbarian has in store for us.

Why Was the Barbarian Movie So Popular?

Barbarian has received an IMDb rating of 7/10 and is considered an excellent horror film that captures the most nightmarish themes. Some have rated it 3/5, but many have stated that it is really horrifying if you put yourself in the shoes of the main character.

Generally, people are advised to know as little about the film as possible if they wish to experience it properly. If you don’t want to be scared, what’s the point of watching a horror film?

Game analysis blogs have pointed out that the Barbarian movie left such a lasting impression on viewers that gaming studios were in a rush to announce a video game adaptation. Although it’s not yet released, many predict that the game will be horrifying to play, giving games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil a run for their money.

A tense scene from the Barbarian movie, featuring the protagonist Tess silencing AJ as they attempt to avoid detection by a terrifying underground creature.
Image via 20th Century Studios

Gaming community insights reveal that players are always enthused about a horror game, especially if it has good hype around it. In this case, Barbarian is originally a movie that has received a lot of praise for capturing horrific elements and creating goosebumps-like moments throughout the series. Therefore, gamers are looking forward to the video game adaptation if it is as good as the movie.

One element of the movie that makes it stand out is the character choices. The characters are faced with difficult and emotionally troubling choices where they need to figure out the best course of action and live with the consequences. Many video games incorporate this element of 'pick your own ending,' including the popular game series called Until Dawn, which is classified as an interactive horror drama.

Barbarian has many similar themes and elements as other horror films, meaning it is not entirely original. However, the movie director has incorporated his artistic impulses to create an interestingly put-together film that has captured the attention of horror genre lovers.

Creating a video game adaptation of this brilliantly written film is something no one saw coming. Game analysis blogs are looking forward to doing a comprehensive breakdown and review of the game as soon as it is released, meaning everyone is on board with the hype.

What Can We Expect from the Barbarian Video Game?

Not much has been revealed about the intricacies of the game, which is why the hype is building, as no one really knows what to expect. The game may choose to imitate the exact storyline from the movie or go off on tangents, depending on what works best.

A dark, haunting neighborhood scene similar to ones seen in the Barbarian movie, with the only light coming from the full moon and small red lights.

Generally, there’s more excitement around what can’t be predicted, but we can expect to have our pick of characters. Game analysis blogs and gaming community insights have predicted that the game will expand on the location, characters, and creatures found in the film Barbarian.

The game producers will likely go the extra mile to create new themes and elaborate on the ones already presented in the movie. If done well, the game could easily surpass the movie since it will include many expanded elements that cannot be contained in a 102-minute movie.

Fans and gamers are always looking for ways to immerse themselves in the horror genre. Some find it fascinating to play these games by themselves, while others may require an audience in case things start getting too spooky.

Hopefully, the game does something completely different than Resident Evil and Silent Hill since those themes have already been explored. In terms of gameplay, there is room for improvement since horror games typically involve an element of survival, and the main character relies on scarce resources to complete the missions. Gaming community insights predict that the video game adaptation will be a huge success because the gaming studio is working in conjunction with New Regency Pictures to deliver an authentic gaming experience.

A sinister tunnel scene full of  wet stone, dirt, and rotting wood that evokes an ominous feeling much like the Barbarian game might.

Evidence suggests that any piece of art always does better when working with the original creators. For example, the Manga creator of Attack on Titan worked closely with the animation studio and production company MAPPA to create an incredible anime. If you compare the Manga to the anime, it is clear that the anime surpasses it in many ways due to the orchestral soundtracks and world-class voice acting that the Manga has no chance of competing with.

The point here is that the video game adaptation of Barbarian can be much better than the movie, meaning it is worth investing in the hype. Game analysis blogs state that games are much more enjoyable when anticipated ahead of time, making it worth watching the movie Barbarian and waiting for the game’s release date to be announced.

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