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Over the years, there have been some remarkable gaming records that have left a mark on the gaming community. Insights from these players have allowed others to implement 'hacks,' tips, and tricks, improving their gameplay and achieving some of the best results in gaming history.

Many game analysis blogs have discussed these achievements, which have found their way into the books of fascinating gaming records of all time. Something about human nature makes us appreciate when others achieve something grand in their lifetime, serving as inspiration and motivation to do something spectacular in our own lives.

You can expect to find all sorts of gaming records across different genres, meaning there are countless opportunities for excelling at something you like. However, the level you need to reach to achieve a world-class record takes a lot of skill and dedication. Not everyone is capable of achieving these insanely spectacular feats, which makes them even more renowned in a gaming community that continues to set the bar higher and higher.

ApeOdyssey is a game analysis blog that delivers gaming community insights, reviews, tips, tricks, tutorials, and more for its loyal fanbase and viewers. We understand the passion behind gaming and serve to inspire others to achieve remarkable feats in the world of gaming.

Let’s explore some of the most fascinating gaming records of all time.

1. Longest Gaming Marathon

When it comes to gameplay endurance, few records can compare to the astonishing feat of Okan Kaya. In 2012, this Australian gamer set the Guinness World Record for the longest gaming marathon by playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for a jaw-dropping 135 hours and 50 minutes.

A gamer ready to compete in a gaming marathon with vibrant graphics around him.

Kaya's achievement was not only a test of his gaming skills but also his physical and mental fortitude. The grueling nature of this record is highlighted by the fact that he only took short breaks to eat, hydrate, and use the bathroom. Some may think this is a silly gaming record to aim for, but it serves as a testament to the lengths some players are willing to go to cement their names in gaming history.

A game analysis blog discussed that this marathon raised important questions about the physical and psychological impact of extended gaming sessions. It also emphasized the significance of responsible gaming practices to avoid burnout and addiction.

2. The Oldest Professional Gamer

Games aren’t made just for one age range. It’s a lifelong passion for many and certainly true for the oldest professional gamer in history.

At the age of 79, John Bates, also called ‘The Beast,' became the oldest professional gamer in the world. He achieved this remarkable status through his impressive performances over the years in the Halo series for Xbox. Gaming community insights point to his dedication and skill, which serve as a reminder that age is no barrier to pursuing one's passion in the gaming world.

An older professional gamer intently playing his favorite PC game.

This story doesn't just remind us of how skillful certain players are but also serves as a symbol of the inclusivity of the gaming community. It shows us how players of all ages can find their place in the virtual realms, defying stereotypes and demonstrating that the world of gaming is for everyone.

3. Fastest Completion of Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is one of the most outstanding games from many of our childhoods. It has been a source of endless joy for gamers around the world, who originally might have played this game on their Nintendo, PCs, or handheld gaming devices.

One of the greatest gaming records of all time is for Super Mario Bros, which requires exceptional talent to speed through the game in record time.

Mario Bros. characters Mario, Yoshi and a Super Star fly through blue skies.
Image via Nintendo

Todd Rogers set a remarkable record by completing the game in 5 minutes and 59.4 seconds, a record that has been recognized for over two decades. Although there were controversies surrounding Rogers's record, it remains one of the most iconic achievements in gaming history.

A game analysis blog states that Rogers's accomplishment is so incredible that it speaks volumes about how much space there is to master a game to such an extent that you can navigate it almost flawlessly.

The Super Mario Bros speedrunning community tries its best to deliver new records where the next generation of players are attempting to achieve even better completion times. However, this particular record symbolizes endurance and competitiveness in gaming.

4. Highest Earning Professional Gamer in eSports

The world of esports has grown exponentially in recent years, creating opportunities for professional gamers to earn substantial incomes. Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf is a young Fortnite player who made headlines by winning the Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals in 2019. His victory earned him a whopping 3 million USD, making him the highest-earning professional gamer in the world (in 2019).

Bugha's success speaks about how much skill it takes to beat other professional gamers in the gaming World Cup, but also talks about the growing financial potential of esports.

Bugha winning the Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals, holding the large championship trophy.
Image via Epic Games

The world of eSports has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry where players like Bugha have become celebrities and role models for aspiring gamers across the world. This record marks a pivotal moment in the history of gaming, where professional gaming is recognized as a legitimate and lucrative career path. Gaming community insights are allowing players to master the intricacies of eSports and everything it involves, leading to huge potential for income.

5. Largest Game Collection in the World

Jason Allen is a serious gamer from the United Kingdom, holding the gaming record for the largest collection of video games.

In 2012, his collection consisted of over 20,139 games on multiple platforms and genres. The dedication and passion required to gather such an extensive collection of video games is incredible to witness for the gaming community, demonstrating the true love and passion many gamers have for their hobby.

A collection of video games and gaming consoles, both modern and vintage.

Allen's collection is discussed in various game analysis blogs and reminds us that gaming is not just about the latest and greatest titles but also about preserving and cherishing the classics. His collection includes rare titles that showcase the evolution of gaming over the years, making it a valuable resource for historians and gamers alike.

6. The Perfect Pac Man game

Pac-Man is widely considered a classic in the world of arcade gaming. Gaming community insights point to how difficult it is to hold the gaming record of a perfect game in Pac-Man.

However, Billy Mitchell achieved a perfect score of 3,333,360 points in 1999, eating every pellet, power pill, and ghost in the game throughout all 256 levels.

This achievement is called a perfect game and is particularly impressive because the game becomes increasingly difficult as you progress through the levels. Mitchell stood as a symbol of unparalleled skill and strategy in Pac-Man, which solidified his status as a gaming icon.

An almost perfect game of Pac-Man, with nearly all pellets eaten.
Image via ABC13

Game analysis blogs frequently discuss the perfect game of Pac-Man. The level of strategy and memorization required to master this game points to an obsession, which leaves a mark in the history of gaming.

Despite decades of attempts, only a handful of gamers have come close to replicating this insane accomplishment. The record continues to captivate gamers and speaks volumes about the appeal of classic, arcade, and vintage video games.

7. 100% Completion in The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda series is known for its vast open worlds and intricate quests. One of the most comprehensive gaming records is the achievement of ‘100% completion’ in this game series. Achieving this means collecting all items, completing all side quests, and unveiling every secret within the game.

In 2020, a Twitch streamer called PointCrow achieved this feat in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Completing a game of this magnitude to such a degree requires hundreds of hours of gameplay and a deep and thorough understanding of the game's mechanics.

The Sheikah Slate's Map displaying 100% completion in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
Image via Zelda Wiki

This record emphasizes the willingness of certain players to go beyond the extra mile and uncover every single secret in a vast open-world game like the Legend of Zelda series. Game analysis blogs talk about PointCrow's accomplishments in great detail, serving as an inspiration to new gamers. These kinds of gaming records show that given enough practice and dedication, it is possible to fully explore and conquer even the most expansive of gaming universes and environments.

Such gaming records also show the diversity and depth of the gaming world. Gaming community insights constantly talk about the excellence required to master classic arcade games, modern speedrunning challenges, and comprehensive open-world adventures.

They highlight the incredible feats that gamers can achieve when they push the boundaries of skill and dedication. These also capture the astonishing brilliance of gamers who achieve legendary status in the world of gaming by achieving what is often considered to be almost impossible.

Minecraft Mega Build: Largest In-Game Structure

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games known for its creative potential, allowing players to construct entire worlds from blocks. It is a breeding ground for creativity, and the record for the largest in-game structure ever built goes to the Minecraft gaming community. Insights by a group of players who collaborated to create a breathtaking virtual replica of the city of Los Angeles led to an astonishing 325 square kilometers within the game's world.

This remarkable achievement demonstrates the limitless possibilities in the world of Minecraft. It also talks about the collaborative nature of the gaming community and how possible it is to achieve astounding gaming records by working with others.

Building something of this scale required planning, teamwork, and thousands of hours of combined effort. The virtual city of Los Angeles has become a testament to the creativity and dedication of Minecraft players around the world, proving that the only limitations are within our own imaginations.

The Largest Player-Generated Virtual World

The virtual world is not limited to the confines of a single game. Sometimes, it goes beyond the game itself. In 2020, a group of expert players in the popular sandbox game called EVE Online created a player-generated megastructure known as PLEX for Good. This digital structure goes down in the greatest gaming records of all time due to the accumulation of 16 trillion ISK (InterStellar Kredits) in value.

The effort was undertaken to raise money for real-world charities, emphasizing the power of virtual communities to make a real impact in the world. The PLEX for Good initiative highlighted the potential for players to unite for philanthropic purposes, showcasing incredible creativity and teamwork. This record demonstrates the incredible ability of gamers to not only explore the digital universe but also to use it to drive positive and meaningful changes in the real world.

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