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A black Xbox Series X console and controller propped against a white Xbox Series S console and controller.
Image via XBox Wire

In 2020, there was a significant debate about whether the Xbox Series X is preferable over the Xbox Series S. Both of these Xbox consoles have similar designs, but they differ in price, storage capacity, processing power, gaming resolution, and more.

Objectively, the Xbox Series X is superior to its counterpart. It outperforms the Series S in all aspects, which justifies its higher price. However, it may be the best choice for serious gamers who can afford the extra expense.

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Let's explore the differences between the Xbox Series X and S and determine which console is preferable for the average gamer.

Popular Xbox Consoles – The Pros and Cons of Xbox Series X

A gamer playing an Xbox Series X game, with a widescreen monitor showing off the console’s graphics.

The Xbox Series X, Microsoft's flagship console, boasts impressive features as well as certain drawbacks. Here are the major pros and cons of this Xbox console:


The Series X impresses with its powerful hardware, featuring a custom AMD Zen 2 processor and RDNA 2 GPU. This setup enables seamless 4K gaming with high frame rates, ensuring smooth and visually stunning gameplay.

Leveraging an SSD and Quick Resume feature, the console offers lightning-fast load times and the ability to switch between multiple suspended games.

Backward compatibility remains a strong suit, offering support for thousands of Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox titles. Many of these games receive enhancements, such as higher resolutions and smoother frame rates, preserving and improving the gaming library for all users.

Integration with Microsoft's Game Pass subscription service adds value, granting access to an extensive library of games, including first-party titles available on launch day. Cloud gaming through XCloud also gives players plenty of games to choose from.


Despite its strengths, the Xbox Series X has some shortcomings. The console's lineup of exclusive titles initially lacked appeal when compared to competitors. This limitation might impact its appeal to gamers seeking unique and exclusive experiences.

As far as design, game strategy blogs note that the monolithic aesthetic of the console may not appeal to everyone due to its size and appearance, posing challenges for integration into some gaming setups.

Popular Xbox Consoles – The Pros and Cons of Xbox Series S

An X Box Series S controller on a surface reflecting pink light.

The Xbox Series S, Microsoft's more affordable and compact console, presents its own advantages and limitations.


The Series S's price point makes gaming more accessible, offering a budget-friendly option for next-gen gaming. Despite its smaller size, it maintains the ability to play next-gen games, albeit at lower resolutions than the Series X.

The Series S comes with the benefits of the Xbox ecosystem, including access to the Game Pass subscription service, which offers a diverse library of games. It also supports backward compatibility, allowing users to play a wide range of older Xbox titles, such as Halo or Starfield.

Its smaller size contributes to portability and ease of integration into various setups. The Series S also consumes less power than the Series X, making it the energy-efficient option.


The Series S has some limitations in terms of hardware capabilities. Its lower specs result in reduced graphical performance and limited support for 4K gaming. This affects visual reliability and downgrades the gaming experience for enthusiasts seeking top-tier graphics.

Game strategy blogs also note that its smaller storage capacity might prove insufficient for users with extensive gaming libraries, requiring additional investment in external storage solutions.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S – Which Xbox Console is Better?

Choosing between the Xbox Series X and Series S comes down to preferences and budgets. The Series X prioritizes top-tier performance, boasting powerful hardware for high-quality 4K gaming and extensive storage capacity. Its larger build accommodates enhanced cooling systems, ensuring optimal performance during long gaming sessions. However, this elevated performance corresponds to a higher price point, making it ideal for avid gamers seeking immersive graphics and gameplay.

The Series S is a cost-effective alternative, suitable for casual gamers on a budget. It offers next-gen gaming experiences at a reduced cost but with compromises on performance and storage capacity.

Since the Series S focuses on 1440p gaming rather than 4K, this results in slightly lower resolutions and graphical performance. Despite these compromises, it maintains access to the Xbox ecosystem, including Game Pass and backward compatibility for older Xbox titles.

As far as Xbox consoles are concerned, its smaller size and reduced power consumption offer portability and energy efficiency. However, the trade-off for affordability and compactness lies in its smaller storage capacity, potentially necessitating additional investments in external storage solutions for users with extensive game collections.

In conclusion, the Xbox Series X is the better choice for those seeking a top-tier gaming experience and can afford it. Otherwise, the Series S is a suitable option for casual gaming.

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