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The Cyberpunk 2077 game’s Night City during twilight hours, with neon-lit buildings and holographic signs.
Image via CD Projekt RED

Side quests are an essential part of any video game, allowing players to earn in-game rewards, such as money, skills, or experience. In Cyberpunk 2077, it is up to the players to find amazing side quests that enrich the main storyline by adding depth to the overall narrative.

While finding these side quests across the expansive map can be challenging, players often enjoy the process as it prolongs the game and uncovers interesting stories along the way. What separates Cyberpunk 2077 from other games is the vast number of side missions it has. You can find them by following markers on your map and having the main character, V, look through specific details that could aid his investigation.

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Let’s explore 17 essential side-missions in Cyberpunk 2077.

1. Run This Town

A black market scene in Dogtown under the dim glow of neon signs.
Image via CD Projekt RED

This side mission involves investigating the politics in Dogtown. Players must try and solve the fighting between the Barghest since they could potentially kill each other off, leading to horrible outcomes for everyone.

Game strategy blogs talk about how players must choose a new leader to guide the Barghest, helping them solve their inner conflicts. After V receives all of the instructions, he disguises himself as an assassin and goes through an intense mission where he must try and decide the next leader of the Barghest.

2. ChippinIn’

In this mission, players are able to receive significant rewards, including a brand-new sports car and some extra items. Players must complete this side mission if they wish to unlock a specific ending known as ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper.' Also, they get a chance to get closer to Johnny Silverhand, who is a key character in Cyberpunk 2077. The aim is revenge, and V must go through an action-packed mission to receive valuable items, including a brand-new Porsche 911 Turbo.

3. This Corrosion

A screenshot of the store where users can learn about the ‘This Corrosion’ side quest.
Image via CD Projekt RED

This is one of the shortest side missions in Cyberpunk 2077 and is considered pretty easy by most players. However, it allows players to discover hidden items and receive commands from artificial intelligence, prompting them to develop a horrible weapon that could wreak havoc on everyone through its ability to corrupt.

Gaming community insights point out how it’s horrifying to realize how much the AI systems are aware of V and his life. But this is what makes the side mission interesting since it adds depth to the storyline.

4. Space Oddity

This mission involves finding a computer and acquiring it from a group of homeless people. V quickly finds that the last owner of the computer is situated near a dumpster, opening the door to an interesting conversation.

After receiving the computer, it is now possible to acquire a painting that is hidden on the moon. It might seem bizarre to talk about it, but the game quickly reveals how effectively it builds the world and allows players to find a valuable item that is worth pretty pennies.

5. Epistrophy

Cyberpunk 2077 involves a lot of futuristic technology and concepts, making it an interesting game, to say the least. In this mission, V becomes aware of just how complex the AI is, having complete control over an entire taxi company. Eventually, V is tasked with locating 'children' who kind of sound familiar. It is a shocking turn of events when V finally begins to question what AI even means anymore since the technology has evolved beyond conventional understanding.

Game strategy blogs discuss Epistrophy as the mission where players start to understand the intricacies of the game. AI has been talked about for years, but Cyberpunk 2077 shows just how ahead of its time it really is by taking the player on a rabbit hole.

6. Sinnerman

A screenshot of the Sinnerman side quest, featuring a character on a crucifix and a crucifier.
Image via CD Projekt RED

This is an interesting mission because it quickly turns into a meaningful drive with a convict who is trying to redeem himself and make up for all the criminal acts he carried out previously. It gives players a chance to understand how someone could accept the death penalty.

It is curious to note that V has the chance to continue the mission to the end or cut it short early, leading to different outcomes. If character development is something you aim for, you may become the crucifier or walk away at the right time.

7. The Information

This mission is found in Kabuki, where players must speak to Dexter to get more information about the quest. Unfortunately, there are no real rewards to be obtained from this mission, prompting players to pursue it simply for the storyline.

It involves an investigation to locate a certain person but quickly becomes more about 'dolls' and how they give clients exactly what they need for a price. V's main objective in this mission is to guide the dolls toward independence rather than working for criminals.

8. Over the Edge

In this Cyberpunk 2077 mission, V finds himself in a situation where he identifies graffiti in an odd place as colorations he noticed on David Martinez’s jacket. This makes him curious to find out what they mean, eventually becoming an Easter Egg surprise for the Cyberpunk fanbase.

9. The Beast In Me

A hover car flying through the streets of Night City, chasing other futuristic vehicles weaving through traffic.
Image via CD Projekt RED

This side mission involves racing through the dangerous streets where players can hear bullets ricocheting through the air. Gaming blogs state that it is an opportunity for players to master their driving skills. Even if they don’t have a high-quality car, they can borrow one from Claire to win races and earn rewards.

10. A Day In The Life

It is pretty common to experience a lot of violence in the Night City in Cyberpunk 2077. This mission involves facing this violence head-on and discovering the root cause of the animosities between gangs, corporations, and your average person.

The quest is quite short, and players do not find it challenging. However, it presents an opportunity to understand just how complex the world-building is in this game, helping players develop a deeper interest in the series.

11. Ballad of Buck Ravers

This side quest gives insight into who Johnny Silverhand really is, which is typically only revealed through the main storyline. So, players are excited to see things from Johnny’s perspective when he starts to remember his identity and how he is perceived by everyone else after his death. Gaming community insights reveal the importance of this mission as it provides an opportunity for V to develop a better relationship with Johnny.

12. Psycho Killer

This mission is located in Kabuki and provides special clothing as a reward. V is directly involved in the research to find sanity for those who have lost their minds due to violence. This search for the cure puts the player in the perspective of the protagonist, who is trying to find a cure for humanity.

Gaming blogs point to the significance of cyberpsychosis, which isn’t accurately revealed thus far in the storyline. Many fans of Cyberpunk 2077 have stated that this is arguably one of the best missions of the series.

13. Fortunate Son

This Cyberpunk 2077 mission is only available after completing Palmer's last mission, meaning it is connected to other events in the storyline. Players will encounter a man looking after his son, who is seriously ill.

Once the mission unravels, V must find a doctor to try and heal the son of his ailments. However, some complications arise due to authorities arriving at the location, stirring V to solve that issue before confronting the doctor again. Here, players have a choice to deal with the doctor in their own way, which could either lead to the sick son getting better or dying.

14. Bloody Ritual

Cyberpunk 2077 is classified as a futuristic game with elements of science fiction. However, this particular side mission involves a lot of grotesque and horrific events, such as a murderous scene with blood splatters everywhere.

V must investigate the dead bodies to find hints that further the mission but is met with a horrifying encounter with a creature that somehow emerges from the dead. Gaming blogs note that the mission is perfect for those who love action-packed fights. However, many people found this bit to be quite scary and thrilling, adding to the game’s overall appeal.

15. Venus In Furs

Players will encounter a character in the game known as Meredith. She makes an appearance at the beginning of the game, and gamers who played the demo for Cyberpunk 2077 are also aware of her existence.

In this mission, she must either be tricked or befriended to achieve your outcome. Each choice has its consequences, and players make a decision based on their playstyle and how they want the storyline to progress.

16. Burning Desire

This side mission is easy to find if you follow the marker and are considered by players to be pretty low risk. As V approaches an area in Watson, he is approached by a man holding his groin and grunting in pain.

Once the mission begins, V must try and alleviate the client’s pain, which he explains is due to a poorly installed and ‘fake’ cyberware near his crotch.

17. Stadium Love

Exploring the streets of Cyberpunk 2077 is a fun experience for players who enjoy side quests before progressing through the main storyline. In Stadium Love, V has the opportunity to win an assault rifle as the main reward. V is tasked with an investigation where he must arrive at a social gathering and speak to a gang leader. If you decide to indulge in a shooting game and earn enough points, V will receive a unique weapon that can help him in future fight scenarios.

Game strategy blogs point out that this side mission is a breath of fresh air as V finally has a nice and pleasant interaction with gang members. Overall, the consensus seems to be that it’s an easy mission with a significant reward, so it’s worth checking out.

A closeup of Cyberpunk 2077 character Judy with her many tattoos and bright green hair. 
Image via CD Projekt RED

Why Must Side Missions be Prioritized in Cyberpunk 2077?

In Cyberpunk 2077, the dystopian metropolis of Night City offers players an incredible storyline, but the true depth and richness of the game lie in its plethora of side missions. Completing these side quests isn't merely a diversion; it's a crucial element that enhances the overall gaming experience.

The side missions in Cyberpunk 2077 introduce players to a diverse range of characters, each with their own stories and motivations. These missions often reveal the intricacies of Night City's dark underbelly, providing a nuanced understanding of the game's immersive world. 

Engaging in as many side quests as possible will yield valuable rewards, including unique weapons, cyberware upgrades, and significant chunks of experience points. Beyond the material benefits, completing side missions contributes to the development of the game's protagonist (V), allowing for a more personalized and enjoyable narrative. 

The choices made during these quests can also impact the game's diverging storyline, influencing relationships with important characters and changing the outcome of the game. Gaming blogs agree that completing side missions in Cyberpunk 2077 adds to the storyline’s depth, narrative complexity, and in-game rewards. Overall, players must try and tilt all odds in their favor to make the game as challenging and interesting as it can be.

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