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Two characters from the Lords of the Fallen game engage in battle.
Image via CI Games

Lords of the Fallen was initially released in 2014 and received fairly high ratings as an action-packed role-playing game. The game had a lot of potential for expansion, which is why the latest game release in 2023 serves both as a remake and sequel to the original.

Those who enjoy RPGs find this game to be quite immersive since there are elements of beasts, boss battles, weapon upgrades, experience points, and level-ups. All RPGs follow a similar pathway where the protagonist character levels up alongside his allies to overcome evil forces in the universe.

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Let’s explore the lost potential of Lords of the Fallen.

A Comprehensive Review of Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is a dark fantasy action RPG that draws comparisons to the Dark Souls series due to its challenging combat and atmospheric world. It was developed by CI Games and Deck13 Interactive by combining elements of exploration, combat, and character progression.

Gaming blogs discuss the storyline of Lords of the Fallen, discussing a major character called Harkyn. 

He is a convicted criminal possessing a dark power that may be the key to saving the world from an interdimensional force known as the Rhogar. Some people find the narrative to be somewhat predictable in its hero's journey trope, unfolding in a world rich with lore and a sense of impending doom.

An epic showdown between a knight and red winged-NPC boss in the Lords of the Fallen game.
Image via Hexworks

However, the game's visual design is striking, featuring Gothic architecture and a somber, desolate landscape reminiscent of medieval ruins. Each environment is intricately detailed, contributing to the game's overall immersion. Some instances of technical issues and graphical glitches detract from the otherwise impressive aesthetics of the game.

The best gaming blogs describe the combat mechanics in Lords of the Fallen. The game emphasizes methodical, tactical engagements similar to the Soulsborne genre. Players must learn enemy attack patterns, time dodges, blocks, and strikes to succeed. 

Weapon variety makes it possible to experiment with different playstyles. However,critics argue that the combat lacks the fluidity and responsiveness found in other titles, occasionally feeling clunky and unrefined.

Character progression revolves around three primary classes: Warrior, Cleric, and Rogue. Each class offers unique skill trees, allowing players to tailor their abilities to suit their preferred playstyle. This adds a layer of depth and replayability, encouraging experimentation with different builds, which is typical of RPG games in general.

One of the game's notable strengths lies in its boss battles. These encounters are challenging and require patience, strategy, and mastery of the game's mechanics. However, the difficulty can be polarizing and potentially frustrating for players seeking a more casual experience.

Despite its engaging elements, Lords of the Fallen suffers from several shortcomings. The game occasionally feels derivative, borrowing heavily from existing RPG concepts without adding enough originality to stand out. Also, while the world design is visually stunning, it lacks the interconnectedness and sense of discovery seen in similar titles.

The game's storytelling is definitely intriguing, but it falls short of delivering a truly immersive narrative experience. Characters lack depth, and the plot progression can feel disjointed at times, failing to fully captivate the player.

Gaming blogs agree that Lords of the Fallen is a worthy attempt at capturing the essence of challenging action RPGs like Dark Souls. Its atmospheric world, challenging combat, and character progression offer moments of satisfaction for those who enjoy the genre. 

A haunting landscape featuring an abandoned, ancient fortress and an eerie beaten path underneath a full moon.

However, it struggles to distinguish itself from the competition, lacking the finesse and originality needed to excel in the RPG genre. Despite its flaws, it remains a decent choice for players seeking a challenging, dark fantasy experience.

Lords of the Fallen – Does it Have Potential to be Better?

Lords of the Fallenhas significant potential within the realm of action RPGs despite its initial shortcomings. The game's foundation sets the stage for future iterations to capitalize on its strengths and evolve the narrative and gameplay.

Firstly, the game's core mechanics show promise. While its combat system may feel somewhat clunky in execution, the underlying concept emphasizes tactical and strategic gameplay. With refinements, smoother animations, and improved responsiveness, it could evolve into a more polished and satisfying experience for gamers.

Building upon this foundation could result in a combat system that rivals or surpasses those of established titles in the genre, which is what the latest version of Lords of the Fallen (2023) offers.

The character progression system, while currently offering diversity through its class-based skill trees, has areas for improvement. The introduction of more nuanced and unique abilities, extra classes, or a deeper customization system would enhance the replay ability of the game and boost player engagement. Catering to varying playstyles and providing more meaningful choices for character development could also elevate the game's depth.

A knight and a ranger in the Lords of the Fallen game engage in a tense battle with a Rhogar.
Image via CI Games

Gaming blogs state that the atmospheric world design has immense potential for expansion and exploration. Developing the lore even further through deeper storytelling and an interconnected world could immerse players in this dark fantasy RPG. By creating a more cohesive narrative with interesting characters and quests, game developers ensure that players enjoy their gaming experience even more.

Analyzing boss battles in Lords of the Fallen, game analysis blogs make it clear that despite their challenging nature, they are a strong point in the game. 

Building upon these encounters by introducing more varied mechanics, innovative strategies, and a diverse range of formidable foes could make the game more alluring. Boss battles often serve as memorable highlights in RPGs, and expanding this aspect could significantly enhance the overall experience.

Finally, improvements in technical aspects, such as addressing graphical glitches and optimizing performance, would contribute to a more refined and enjoyable gaming experience.

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