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A collage showcasing various legends introduced in a previous season of Apex Legends.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends falls in the category of a battle royale game, capturing the attention of gamers around the globe. Within a week of its release, it had a 25 million player base, which speaks volumes about its popularity as an online multiplayer game.

The game has three-player teams where everyone's character has a particular ability that sets them apart from others. Since the release of the first season, the game has progressed to Apex Legends Season 19, revamping everything from maps, legends, gameplay, and more.

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The Evolution of Apex Legends

Before the release of Apex Legends Season 19, the game series has undergone a remarkable evolution since its debut. This is marked by many changes, additions, and improvements shaping the game's identity and player experience.

The game burst onto the scene with its first season called Wild Frontier. It introduced players to Kings Canyon, which is the game's original map, and laid the groundwork for its battle royale gameplay and hero-based mechanics. However, game analysis and reviews revealed criticism for its lack of content depth and limited battle pass rewards, prompting Respawn Entertainment to pivot and innovate for future seasons.

The Battle Charge season marked a turning point for Apex Legends. It revamped the Kings Canyon map, providing fresh environments and gameplay elements like the Leviathans and Flyers. Also, the introduction of Wattson as the game's second legend brought a new defensive playstyle to the roster. The season's success highlighted Respawn Entertainment’s commitment to enhancing gameplay and addressing player feedback.

A detailed, multi-featured map from the Apex Legends game.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Meltdown brought forth a new era with the introduction of a brand-new map called World's Edge. This icy, industrial landscape offered a stark contrast to Kings Canyon, providing diverse environments and strategic opportunities. The arrival of Crypto as a surveillance-focused legend expanded the roster and introduced new playstyles. According to game analysis and reviews, Season 3 emphasized the evolution of the game's narrative.

Boosted revamped the game once more with the arrival of Rampart, which was a legend focused on heavy gunplay and defensive fortification. Significant map changes continued to evolve World's Edge, emphasizing dynamic gameplay experiences.

Ascension marked a monumental shift in the history of Apex Legends, expanding beyond a single map by introducing Olympus, which was a sophisticated, futuristic map set on a floating city. 

Overall, it is clear from game analysis and reviews that each season before Apex Legends Season 19 introduced new legends, maps, weapons, and gameplay mechanics. Game developers responded to player feedback and gaming community insights, reshaping the game's landscape. The most significant changes came with the permanent introduction of Arenas, a new game mode focused on squad-based combat in smaller arenas, expanding the game's offerings beyond traditional battle royale gameplay.

A screenshot from the Apex Legends Season 19 game, featuring the character Conduit taking a selfie after squashing an opponent.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 19 – What Has Changed?

Apex Legends Season 19 has brought new changes, including map updates, new legends, gameplay enhancements, buffs, nerfs, and more. This means gamers can enjoy the latest additions even more than the previous seasons allowed, leading to a more immersive gaming experience.

Game analysis and reviews discussed how many people were disappointed by season 18, which prompted Respawn Entertainment to think outside the box and come up with innovations.

Game developers take player feedback into serious consideration before releasing a new season for Apex Legends. Many have compared it to Fortnite, which is a similar genre, but there are many differences in gameplay. Season 19 now has 24 legends compared to eight in season one, meaning players have way more options to suit their playstyles. 

The primary change incorporated in Apex Legends Season 19 is cross-progression. Gamers have been asking for this since season 1 was released, but it has finally been added to the latest season. The game series can be played on all consoles, allowing players accessibility advantages.

A closeup of Apex Legends 19 character Seer wielding his powers.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

One shortcoming of Apex Legends has always been the problem with the transferability of items across consoles. However, season 19 will work on various accounts, making it possible to utilize the variety of items and legends on any account of your choosing. However, Respawn Entertainment states that account merging will still take some time to occur.

The respawning system has also been changed in the latest season. Before, players had to take on certain disadvantages to try and respawn their fellow team members, leaving them open for attack from enemies. However, the new system allows players to respawn with their armor and weapons intact, helping them defend themselves from enemy attacks. 

There are still some challenges to overcome, and the game studio is continually implementing feedback while making small changes over time. Game analysis and reviews break down each change in detail to see if it has actually influenced the game’s dynamics in any meaningful way.

One thing players are happy about in Apex Legends Season 19 is the complete revamping of one of the most hated maps in the game, Storm Point. This has reignited interest in many players who can now appreciate the combat mechanics and strategies in a smaller map with greater points of interest.

Overall, game analysis and reviews make it clear that Apex Legends Season 19 is the best rendition thus far of the game series. Studying the evolution of changes makes it clear that things will improve over time.

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