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A diverse group of Gen Z gamers playing together, each of a different ethnicity and gender.

Gen Z has had a massive influence on the world in a variety of ways, including diversity in gaming. This generation has single-handedly affected change relating to inclusivity, acceptance, and diversity, leading to more profound storylines in gaming.

As the gaming industry evolves, it incorporates elements of the real world into gaming to make the experience as captivating as possible. Many consider games to be escapism, which is somewhat true. They are also complex forms of entertainment that allow people to plug into an alternate universe and identify with unique characters and their development.

Accessing gaming reviews and insights allows gamers to pick and choose the games they feel compelled to play. Gaming industries are constantly trying to find ways to make the gaming experience better, and taking feedback from Gen Z makes it possible to develop interesting games with unique storylines.

Looking specifically at Gen Z’s influence on the diversity in gaming, it has become clear that games that embody real-world dynamics are incredibly popular. Millennials are also open to these changes, leading to high ratings, especially if other elements of the gameplay are dialed in.

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Let’s explore the influence of Gen Z on diversity in gaming and learn from gaming reviews and insights.

Representation in Game Characters

One of the most noticeable changes that Gen Z is driving in the gaming industry is the push for more diverse and inclusive character representation. 

Games are no longer limited to the classic white male hero. Gen Z gamers are calling for protagonists of various races, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities, and the industry is responding. Let’s look at some examples of inclusivity and diversity in gaming.

1. Ethnic and Racial Diversity

Gen Z's insistence on racial diversity in games is causing developers to create characters and storylines that reflect the multicultural world we live in. 

Games like ‘Watch Dogs 2’ and ‘Life is Strange’ feature ethnically diverse protagonists and tackle issues like systemic racism, offering an immersive experience for a broader audience.

Studying the latest game reviews, it is clear that diverse characters not only enhance the gaming experience but also contribute to raising awareness about social issues. Players get to see the world through the eyes of characters from various racial backgrounds, which can lead to greater empathy and understanding.

An inclusive gaming event with gamers of all backgrounds playing together.
Image by Alena Darmel

2. Gender and Sexual Orientation

Breaking down gender stereotypes is another crucial aspect of diversity in gaming. Gen Z has pushed for more LGBTQ+ representation in video games. Games like ‘The Last of Us II’ and ‘Tell Me Why’ have included LGBTQ+ characters in their narratives, creating an inclusive environment for gamers who identify as LGBTQ+.

By featuring these characters, developers are not only catering to a wider audience but also conveying the message that love and relationships come in different forms. This helps LGBTQ+ gamers feel seen and heard and also educates others about differences in sexual orientations and gender identities.

3. Disability Inclusion

Developers are now including characters with disabilities in various storylines. Games like The Last Guardian have featured characters with disabilities, highlighting the importance of representing this essential minority in the community.

Incorporating characters with disabilities into games is not just about representation. It also creates awareness of real-world issues that many people are oblivious to. Gamers get to experience the challenges and victories of characters with disabilities, helping break down stigmas and misconceptions.

By reading gaming reviews and insights, gamers can easily find games that feature disabilities and help them experience gameplay through the eyes of interesting, new characters.

User-Generated Content and Integration of Gameplay on Social Platforms

Gen Z is currently asking for the incorporation of diverse characters in games. They are also reshaping the way games are played and shared through online platforms like Twitch, which promote streaming.

Social media platforms and user-generated content have become an essential part of the gaming experience, promoting inclusivity and creating a sense of community. Let’s look at some elements of user-generated content and the social integration that comes with it.

1. Online Streaming 

Platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming have allowed gamers to become content creators and influencers. Gen Z gamers are not just playing games, they are also streaming and creating content that promotes inclusivity. They use their platforms to discuss real-world issues, review diversity in gaming, and promote inclusive representation.

Content creators have followings based on their unique opinions in the gaming community, influencing the games people play and the conversations they have about inclusivity and diversity. By sharing their perspectives, gaming reviews, and insights, they contribute to a broader understanding of these essential issues.

2. Online Communities and Virtual Reality

Online communities and virtual reality are changing how gamers interact with each other. 

Gen Z is using these platforms to connect with people across the globe, regardless of their race and ethnicity. Using VR, players can interact and socialize with avatars that represent themselves, transcending physical boundaries and promoting inclusivity.

The gaming industry acknowledges the potential of VR and online communities to promote inclusivity. Developers have become focused on creating VR experiences that allow players to connect and communicate in immersive and diverse ways.

An esports tournament with a diverse array of competitive players and enthusiastic fans.

3. Connecting with Players

Games like Fortnite and Minecraft have made it possible to connect with players across the world. These games are incredibly popular and have changed the gaming world as we know it.

Gen Z players often team up with friends from different backgrounds, nurturing meaningful friendships that transcend borders. This collaborative aspect of gaming encourages players to appreciate diversity and differences in people's narratives and perspectives.

The latest game reviews show that players are more engaged in the experience due to the aspect of connecting with others while gaming.

Inclusivity in Game Development

Gen Z's impact on the gaming industry extends beyond the player experience. 

Many Gen Z individuals are pursuing careers in game development to play a vital role in establishing inclusivity and diversity in gaming. Let’s explore some aspects of inclusivity in game development.

1. Diversity in Development Teams

Gen Z is more likely to seek careers in the gaming industry if they see themselves represented in it. 

This leads to game development studios focusing on diversifying their teams, including people from underrepresented groups. Maintaining this diversity in the future of gaming will achieve greater empathy for others through an understanding of different perspectives.

2. Promotion of Inclusivity

Game development studios are now conscious of Gen Z's expectations and working to meet them. Inclusivity is now a part of many studios' mission statements, and they actively consult with members of the gaming community to improve representation in their games.

By consulting with these groups, development studios ensure that their games are not only fun to play but also respectful and considerate of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

A virtual reality gaming experience where players from different backgrounds come together in a shared virtual space.
Image via Tima Miroshnichenko

3. Inclusive Career Development

Gen Z is seeking training in fields related to game development, including game design, programming, and art. This generation is using online resources, courses, and game development programs to acquire the skills needed to create games that offer exactly what their generation is looking for.

Gen Z’s role in the gaming industry will inevitably transform it for the better. The diversity in gaming that comes from Gen Z developers will create more awareness of social issues in the world we live in.

Reviewing the Latest Gen Z Games

In the dynamic world of gaming, staying up-to-date with the latest releases is essential to understand how the industry is evolving. Let’s review two of the latest Gen Z games that promote inclusivity and diversity in gaming.

1. Rise of Unity 

Rise of Unity is a unique action-adventure game that has captured the attention of Gen Z gamers. This game was developed by teams from diverse backgrounds, meaning it has important tropes relating to inclusivity and empathy for others.

One of the interesting elements of Rise of Unity is its commitment to diverse character representation. The game features a multi-ethnic, gender-inclusive, and LGBTQ+-friendly cast of characters. Players have praised the game for reflecting diversity in the real world, making it easier for Gen Z gamers to relate to the story and characters.

The protagonist is an LGBTQ+ character, and the game explores his journey with compassion and respect. Many who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community appreciate games like 'Rise of Unity', which portray their experiences and struggles, fostering greater understanding and empathy in the world.

The latest game reviews show that this game addresses social issues in complex ways, which is appreciated by Gen Z gamers. The game's narrative explores themes like racial inequality and mental health, allowing players to immerse themselves in these topics.

This diversity in gaming allows players to think critically about such issues and potentially inspires them to take action in the real world. Gaming reviews and insights on Rise of Unity have created greater engagement with social issues, leading to a more immersive experience for Gen Z gamers.

Rise of Unity also incorporates a robust user-generated content feature. Players can create and share their own quests, characters, and storylines. This nurtures feelings of community and teamwork within the game, reflecting Gen Z’s desire for shared experiences.

This feature can indirectly tackle issues like mental health awareness and racial inequality. The game's community has transformed into a hub for discussions about all these aspects of social change required in the world.

2. NeoVerse

NeoVerse is one of the latest games that has captured the interest of Gen Z gamers due to its unique gameplay and immersive experience. The game is described as 'a rogue-like deck-builder’ that combines strategy in combat with a futuristic cyberpunk setting. The strategies employed in the game encourage players to think before they take action, making it an interesting choice for a generation that appreciates critical thinking.

Although Gen Z has been accused of being impulsive due to growing up in the age of social media, they are dedicated to thinking things through. This is the reason why there is such a big movement toward social change since this generation does not accept things at face value.

The game's minimalist art style is expressed by its vibrant colors. This aligns well with Gen Z's preference for visually striking and aesthetically pleasing games. NeoVerse delivers incredible visuals that appeal to the appreciation for aesthetics in the Gen Z community. The game also features characters of various backgrounds, genders, and abilities, reflecting Gen Z’s demand for inclusive representation in games. NeoVerse’s gaming reviews and insights have been largely positive and include the diversity in gaming everyone is looking for.

The latest game reviews indicate that NeoVerse also incorporates subtle environmental themes into its narrative. Similar to the environmental beauty in Last of Us II (although the games are quite different), the cyberpunk universe explores a future where the consequences of unchecked industrialization and climate change are efficiently portrayed. 

Gen Z gamers appreciate underlying messages that speak about social issues since they resonate with concerns about environmental sustainability and awareness. To summarize, it is clear that Gen Z enjoys a thought-provoking aspect in the latest games. Games are now seen not just as entertainment and escapism but also as immersive experiences that raise awareness about current social issues.

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