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Gamers, mark your calendars because the most highly anticipated shopping event of the year is just around the corner.

Get ready to level up your gaming experience this Black Friday!

Whether you're a console connoisseur, a PC gaming enthusiast, or a mobile gamer, our online gaming blog is the place to be. Get the inside scoop on the hottest discounts, must-have gaming equipment, and the most electrifying deals that will make your wallet—and your gaming setup—thank you.

Join us as we reveal the hottest Black Friday deals that promise to take your gaming adventures to the next level at a discount of up to 50% this year!

Asus ROG Ally: Snag it for just $619.99

The Asus ROG Ally backlit by the glow of blue and purple lights.
Image via Asus

Brace yourselves for an unexpected Black Friday treat. The first pick isn’t a massive discount, but it is a rare BF find.

Best Buy's early sales have rolled out a spectacular deal on the Asus ROG Ally, the handheld PC that's about to revolutionize your gaming experience. They've slashed the price down to a mere $619.99 from its standard $699.99 retail price, making you a proud saver of $80. Grab your controllers—this is a historic low price, a first for this remarkable gaming device.

Should you seize this opportunity? Well, if you're a fan of gaming with a trusty controller, primarily a player who's always plugged in, and someone who craves an extensive library of games, this is your moment. But if your gaming world revolves solely around Steam games, you might want to think twice.

Act fast, and don't worry about missing out because Best Buy offers a price match guarantee on their holiday sales. This ensures you're covered even if a better deal magically appears at this retailer. Game on, gamers!

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9: Get it for just $1,249 on Amazon

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor, illustrating the product's effect on the gaming experience.
Image via Samsung

Hold onto your gaming seats, young champs! This Black Friday, Amazon is lighting up gaming community boards everywhere with an extraordinary deal. The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9, a true spectacle, was up for grabs at a jaw-dropping $1,249.99 at the time of writing this, down from $2,299.99. That's a colossal $1,050 off the regular price and a discount of 43%!

Is this deal your game-changer? Well, if you're all about that wider field of view, adore big screens, and dominate in competitive first-person shooter games, this is your golden ticket.

On the other hand, you’re better off spending that one grand elsewhere if you're all about that 4K gaming, can’t make space for a 49-inch screen, or prefer the flat screen vibe.

Beware: Last Black Friday, the Neo G9 dropped to $1,150.99, so it might see another price drop during the grand event. Plus, there's a shiny new OLED version of the G9 in town, which could mean an even juicier deal for those who opt for the QLED version.

Xbox Series S with 3 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Only $299.99 at Best Buy

An XBOX X Series in black standing upright next to an XBOX S Series in white.
Image via XBOX News

Get ready to supercharge your gaming experience with an amazing Black Friday deal at Best Buy. Microsoft's budget-friendly console now comes bundled with three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no extra cost. That's a whopping $44.99 worth of subscriptions thrown in for the same $299.99 price tag.

If you're all about gaming on the Game Pass, don't need the highest specs, and can live without a disc drive, this purchase is a no-brainer. If 4K resolution is your jam, it may be wise to save your money for now.

Should you jump on it now or wait it out? Last year's Series S Holiday Bundles delivered similar value during the official Black Friday gaming deals, so if those Game Pass months fit your gaming style, we say go for it. Yet, if you're hoping for free games or a straight-up discount on the console itself, it might be worth sticking around.

JSAUX Steam Deck Dock: Now for $29.99 on Amazon

The JSAUX Steam Deck Dock gaming setup, glowing bright against a dark backdrop.
Image via GamingonLinux

Hold onto your controllers, gamers! Amazon's got a sizzling Black Friday deal for you, and it's a total game-changer. The JSAUX Steam Deck Dock is a trusty companion to level up your gaming setup, and it’s now available for an unbelievable $29.99, down from $39.99. That's a cool $10 discount, and it's just a smidge above its all-time low price.

If you're all about connecting to your TV or monitor and love rocking the Steam Deck's desktop mode, this dock is your go-to choice. But, if you're in need of more than two USB ports or using a snug Steam Deck case, you might want to think twice.

The big question: To buy or to wait? While we'd love to see it hit the $20 mark on Black Friday, if you're not all about pinching pennies, why wait? Level up your gaming rig now!

Turtle Beach Recon Controller: Now Just $29.95 at Best Buy

2 Turtle Beach Recon controllers in white and black, designed for XBOX.
Image via Turtle Beach

Best Buy's early Black Friday gaming deals bring you the Turtle Beach Recon Controller at an unbeatable price of just $29.95, down from its regular $59.95. That's a solid $30 off and takes us $10 lower than we've ever seen this gamepad before.

If you're all about using extra buttons, crave added grip on your controller, or love gaming on Xbox in a cozy space or on your PC, this controller is a perfect fit. But if a wireless connection is your top priority, you may have to find something else in this arena.

Considering buying this controller? Note that the new all-time low price is unlikely to drop further in coming weeks. With other retailers still holding at $44, we believe this is the best deal you'll find for a while.

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As we wrap up this update on Black Friday deals for gamers, remember that the thrill of gaming isn’t just about the jaw-dropping discounts on your favorite gaming gear; it's also the time to power up and level up your gaming prowess.

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