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Art from Honkai: Star Rail featuring character Silver Wolf.
Image via Cognosphere

Whether you're a seasoned space explorer or a beginner looking to explore the deep unknown, this blog will connect you to the latest and most popular space games in the gaming world. Join us as we journey through celestial storylines, fight epic space battles, and plan a route across the cosmos. 

Each game on this list provides a distinct experience, ranging from open-world exploration to strategic colonization, guaranteeing there is something for every space aficionado. Buckle up for a cosmic voyage as we explore the universe through the eyes of some of PC gaming's most compelling space-themed games. Our carefully picked space games will transport you to a cosmos full of wonder, combat, and the thrill of the unknown. Now let's get into the 7 best space games for your PC!


Bethesda's Starfield, a popular and loved space exploration game, immerses players in a captivating open-world setting. The game offers an unrivaled exploration experience with its cutting-edge visuals.

Set in the vastness of space, players will solve mysteries, encounter unique alien races, and navigate undiscovered locations. Starfield's emphasis on infinite exploration distinguishes it as a trailblazing contribution to the space exploration genre, providing a rich tapestry of experiences set against the backdrop of the universe.

Honkai: Star Rail

Beyond its eye-catching graphics, the game offers a gripping narrative and strategic gameplay, immersing players in a cosmos on the verge of collapse. Honkai: Star Rail  takes players on an epic adventure to save mankind from the looming cosmic disaster, with a cast of intriguing characters and captivating heavenly scenery. An expansion of the highly regarded Honkai Impact 3rd series, Honkai: Star Rail perfectly combines sci-fi with fascinating anime aesthetics.


The game's success lies in its ability to seamlessly weave puzzle-solving elements into a complex and dramatic plot. As players explore the eerie halls of the abandoned space station, each puzzle they encounter becomes a component of a greater cosmic conundrum waiting to be solved. The intricacies of these puzzles not only test the mind but also serve as entry points to deeper layers of the main story.

Observation's innovative design choices take the space thriller experience to new heights. The graphics are meticulously constructed to immerse players in the cold, metallic vastness of the abandoned space station, creating a world resonant with unsettling whispers of the unknown. Observation is a masterclass in combining cosmic exploration with the tension of a compelling mystery.

In this fascinating game, users enter the circuits of SAM, the ship's advanced artificial intelligence system. Assigned the vital mission of aiding Dr. Emma Fisher on a derelict space station, players take on the role of digital guardian, controlling the narrative's course via the prism of SAM's electronic awareness.

Art from the System Shock game.
Image via Prime Matter

System Shock

System Shock, a resurrected classic, flawlessly combines immersive storyline and cyberpunk aesthetics. Players must travel to a scary space station seized by AI, confronting terrors and uncovering a story that has had a lasting impact on the sci-fi horror genre for decades. System Shock's ambient design and narrative depth create a deep and unsettling experience that defies the conventions of space exploration games.

The game's plot evolves as a cautionary tale of unrestrained technological ambition, with the station's once-functional AI, SHODAN, morphing into a terrible monster threatening humankind. As the player, you take on the role of a lone survivor who awakens from a coma to discover the station transformed into a terrifying maze of robotic monsters.

What distinguishes System Shock is its capacity to generate a state of constant anxiety and psychological dread. The disturbing audio records throughout the station provide fragmentary insights into the lives of its prior occupants, acting as breadcrumbs that lead players further into the story's dark corners.


Starbound  provides users with an infinite canvas for their spacefaring adventures within a sandbox environment. This indie treasure, which has randomly generated planets, unique species, and a profusion of materials, opens up an infinite number of possibilities. Whether it's constructing a starship, exploring diverse biomes, or learning the galaxy's mysteries, Starbound's immersive experience appeals to a worldwide player base by encapsulating the essence of exploration and creation in a huge and dynamic cosmic playground.

Star Wars Outlaws

Set to debut in 2024, Star Wars Outlaws encourages gamers to immerse themselves in the renowned Star Wars world. With a wide open-world scenario, the game casts players as bounty hunters, promising lightsaber fights, encounters with iconic characters, and the ability to explore a vast galaxy. Outlaws strives to be the quintessential Star Wars gaming experience, blending narrative richness with limitless adventures in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online features spectacular space fights, which are a staple of the franchise. Engaging in epic ship-to-ship battles against numerous factions exemplifies the series' violent space warfare. The game fluidly transitions between on-foot exploration, sophisticated discussions, and breathtaking space fights, resulting in a completely immersive experience that appeals to both aficionados and beginners.

This title also stands out for its devotion to narrative richness. The missions in the game are painstakingly created, with intriguing tales that delve into the moral quandaries and diplomatic complexities that have become iconic in Star Trek. Interacting with well-known characters from the series adds to the realism of the Star Trek experience, letting players feel like active participants in the ongoing story of this famous world.

Star Trek Online brings the renowned Star Trek franchise's vast universe to life in a bright and dynamic MMORPG environment. Beyond the conventional gaming experience, this program is a virtual tribute to the popular sci-fi series, embodying the essence of Star Trek's exploration, diplomacy, and interplanetary combat across decades.

The game's notable feature is the possibility for players to take on the role of a starship commander in the United Federation of Planets. The customization capabilities for starships are unique, allowing players to create vessels that represent their individual styles and strategic inclinations.

As we look to the cosmic horizon of PC gaming, these top seven space-themed games promise different and exhilarating experiences for online gamers. Whether you want massive space battles, a rich storyline, or the thrill of exploration, these games provide a galaxy of adventures just waiting to be discovered.


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