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Mario from Super Mario Bros stands in a vibrant world rendered with hyper realistic graphics; iconic mushrooms, pipes, and forest surrounding him.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a remade version of the oldest Mario games involving the 2D character moving through levels while collecting coins. There was so much hype for Super Mario back in the day when people were playing it on their Nintendo and PCs.

Since then, there have been tons of games revolving around Super Mario Bros, but the latest version is a return to the game’s roots. Gamers can play this game like they used to in their childhood and enjoy the visual improvements.

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Let’s review Super Mario Bros. Wonder and how it is a return to 2D glory.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder – A 2023 Review

There is always hype around a Super Mario Bros. game release, and the gaming community has been eagerly awaiting the release of the latest game series. If you own a Nintendo Switch, you should quickly get your hands on the latest Super Mario game, which will surely make your days less mundane.

At its core, the purpose of video games is entertainment. Super Mario Bros. Wonder has changed the playing field and managed to capture the authenticity of the earliest games while leveling up the visuals. You'd be hard-pressed to find a game strategy blog that doesn’t praise the intricacies of the gameplay, providing tips and tricks for players to get past difficult levels or stages.

Gameplay from an earlier Super Mario game, featuring bright 2D graphics.
Image via Nintendo

Wonder is a callback to the golden days when people played Super Mario in 2D. A game like this hasn't been developed in over a decade, which is why gamers are responding so favorably to the release. It has managed to capture the best aspects of the original games, such as Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3.

Combining all of these elements into Wonder has created something original with an endless supply of ideas. Gamers love the creativity offered in Wonder, allowing them to experience a whole range of things while playing the game.

There isn't much of a storyline in this game, which isn't surprising because Super Mario is more about the levels than the mission. However, that's not to say people didn't find Bowser's kidnapping of the princess an interesting storyline to progress through. In Wonder, the storyline is somewhat similar, but not exactly. Game strategy blogs highlight the main difference: in this version, Bowser transforms into a massive evil castle. This may sound confusing and unrealistic, but then again, gamers love the level of weirdness this game offers.

The gameplay is very colorful and vibrant and involves Mario jumping over obstacles, eating mushrooms to transform into an upgraded character, and sliding down green flagpoles. Gamers quickly realized that there were so many similarities to the original games, but the visuals and gameplay were on another level.

You will also encounter new problems, such as birds that attack, plants that can run around the stage, and balloons to jump off of. The levels are intricate, with developers building upon the original Super Mario game stages to create an even more complex experience.

Overall, the nostalgic elements in the game are an excellent throwback to the original Super Mario Bros. series. This has allowed gamers to get the most out of the latest version and enjoy the interplay of various levels and how they set up the story through carefully designed obstacles testing your speed or battle prowess.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has received incredible ratings of 91% on OpenCritic and 9/10 on IMDb.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder art featuring Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, rendered realistically in a world of 2D elements.
Image via Nintendo

Reasons to Play Super Mario Bros. Wonder

  • It’s incredibly nostalgic for 90s gamers. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a game that elicits feelings of nostalgia in gamers who grew up playing the Super Mario series. Its callbacks to old-school obstacles are done incredibly well with new visuals and game mechanics. Game strategy blogs rate it highly because game developers have managed to kick things up a notch and build upon the initial concepts of the game series.

  • It’s for gamers of all ages. Super Mario Bros. is usually targeted toward the younger generation. However, the latest version is entertaining for die-hard gamers and veterans, especially those who grew up playing the game series on their Nintendo or PCs. The game is very entertaining and creates fun challenges for the gamer, allowing them to test their skills and complete the stages as quickly as possible.

  • It’s highly entertaining and addictive. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is highly entertaining and addictive in a good way. If you decide you want to plant yourself on your couch with your Nintendo Switch in your hand, you can easily spend several hours playing this game. Wonder is a happy and weird game that involves a lot of ridiculousness, such as capturing enemies with strange power-ups, jumping on balloons, and sliding down flagpoles. So, it is definitely worth the price for those who are looking for a fun and exciting gaming adventure.

  • The visuals are almost psychedelic. One of the things that sticks out about Wonder is how vibrant and fun the colors are; they are almost psychedelic! This makes the game very fun and addictive, especially if you’ve never played anything like it before.

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