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A striking view of astronauts, characters and spacecrafts from Bethesda's Starfield video game.
Image via Bethesda

Building Starfield outposts provides gamers an opportunity to acquire resources from various planets, making it an excellent way to improve gameplay. These resources can be used to craft incredible mods and make it possible to send your characters to various locations, allowing players to use their recruits optimally.

However, these outposts serve as secondary mechanics to the main game. This means they are not compulsory or related to any specific missions.

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Let’s explore how and where to build Starfield outposts and learn more about it.

Building Starfield Outposts in the Right Locations

Starfield outposts are very useful in helping players accumulate resources and send their recruits to different planets. However, you need to figure out where to build these outposts since location is crucial.

One way is to perform a planetary scan and find the best spot yourself. This is possible before landing on the planet, allowing you to control your landing spot and choose a planet with the resources you're looking to obtain.

An astronaut in Bethesda's Starfield game looks up onto a new planet and its rings from a new outpost.
Image via Roccat

Game analysis blogs cover the latest gaming news and reviews for gamers to consider. Since the latest release of Starfield is in late 2023, it is best to find a regularly updated blog with expert advice.

  • Building an outpost in Starfield requires you to identify the exact location for mining the resources.

  • Using your scanner, you can locate areas containing rich sources of the resources you're looking for.

  • Once it’s highlighted, you can place a beacon in that location.

  • The final step involves building an extractor on a mineral in the area and building a power source close to it.

After following these steps, the game will indicate that you have begun mining for that particular resource. One tip to keep in mind is to always maintain your power level higher than the requirement. This ensures efficient mineral harvesting by utilizing the power source and linking the extractor to the storage for automatic resource mining.

Building Several Starfield Outposts – What it Involves

By utilizing the automatic mining strategy described above, you can set up multiple outposts in various locations, which will help you collect resources automatically, enhancing your gaming experience.

A closeup of an outpost's layout setup for optimal functionality in the Starfield video game.
Image via Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

Gaming news and reviews emphasize that Helium-3 is one of the most critical resources to gather in Starfield, as it serves as fuel. A good strategy is to dedicate one or more outposts specifically for Helium-3 to prevent you from ever running out of this fuel.

If you’re aiming to build a large base, you need to establish many small outposts across galaxies to maximize your resource potential. Once these resources are sent back to your main base, you can use them as you please.

You can also connect different outposts using the Cargo Link Intersystem. Once the link is established, you can easily exchange materials via traveling ships.

Having an abundance of Helium-3 also makes it possible to build fuel generators, which are far more effective than alternative power sources like wind or solar.

Game analysis blogs state that creating a complex outpost network involves learning a variety of skills, including Outpost Management, Scanning, Botany, and Zoology.

Reaching the first rank or tier level is simple. However, Science Tier 3 skills like Outpost Engineering can significantly expand your outposts throughout the universe.

Starfield Game Review 2023

Overall, Starfield received a 7/10 rating on IGN, 3/5 on Eurogamer, and 5/5 on PC World. This indicates that it's a moderately popular role-playing game set in space with the potential for hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Science fiction fans adore the game and have left incredible reviews detailing how Starfield exceeded expectations and delivered a fantastic space exploration experience. However, some players may not enjoy the slower-paced space travel elements in the game, which hinder fast travel to various locations.

A mining operation near a strategically placed outpost in Bethesda's Starfield game.
Image via Bethesda

Gaming news and reviews on game analysis blogs conclude that Starfield is definitely worth playing, especially if it's a new genre you’re exploring.

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