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Apex Legends Season 20 cover art featuring three characters.
Image via Electronic Arts

Greetings, Legends! Guess what?

Season 20 of Apex Legends has crash-landed in the Outlands, bringing a seismic shift to the competitive battle royale genre. 

While the core firefight frenzy remains, Respawn Entertainment has implemented some bold changes that redefine the way we strategize and dominate the arenas. Let's grapple in, crack open some loot crates, and see how Season 20 stacks up.

Synergy is the New Survival Strategy

This season’s most significant revamp is its laser focus on rewarding teamwork, the key to winning the game, so forget lone-wolfing your way to victory.

Respawn has introduced a revolutionary Evo armor system that rewards all team players equally, regardless of their individual contributions. This system fosters thoughtful team composition, creating a battlefield that's more dynamic and strategic than ever before.

Ranked Revamp? Not Quite a Champion's Win

While the emphasis on collaboration is a breath of fresh air, Ranked mode still finds itself entangled in familiar frustrations. 

The new system, if not carefully balanced, can create unfair advantages in Ranked lobbies. The Diamond and Apex Predator tiers are still plagued by players exploiting loopholes and manipulating the ranking system. 

Here's hoping Respawn addresses these issues with timely mid-season patches to ensure a fair and competitive Ranked experience.

An action-packed still from Apex Legends Season 20.
Image via Electronic Arts

Beyond the Drop Zone: Fresh Features and Updates

Season 20 isn't just about teamwork and battling it out in Ranked mode. 

We've also got a Legend to master: Catalyst, a master of geo-manipulation. Her tactical arsenal allows her to control the battlefield with devastating precision, creating exciting strategic possibilities. 

World's Edge, a fan-favorite map, has received a long-awaited makeover. New points of interest and reworked landscapes breathe new life into the familiar terrain, offering fresh tactical opportunities for seasoned players and newcomers alike.

A Resounding Victory, But the Fight Continues

Season 20 marks a solid step forward for Apex Legends. The focus on teamwork injects a much-needed spark into the gameplay, and Catalyst offers a unique playstyle that's sure to shake things up. 

However, Ranked needs some fine-tuning, and balancing the new system in a competitive environment will be an ongoing challenge. Overall, this season is a positive evolution for the video game, and it will be fascinating to see how the meta develops as players discover new features.

More Where This Review Came From

For more in-depth analysis, gameplay insights, and the hottest weapon load-outs to dominate Season 20, be sure to check out Ape Odyssey's ongoing coverage of Apex Legends.

Our team of passionate gamers will be dissecting every update, analyzing the new system, and crafting the ultimate strategies to help you rise to the top of the Apex Legends food chain. 

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