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A forgotten, brooding citadel in the Lies of P game.
Image via NEOWIZ

Lies of P is a difficult game that may require gamers to read or watch walkthroughs online. Those who don't want the challenge spoiled through walkthroughs can explore tips and tricks from top gaming blogs to help them navigate the game’s complexities.

This game is inspired by Bloodborne and is an RPG involving puppets, violence, and gothic elements throughout the game. Since players cannot control the difficulty level and must strive to master combat dynamics, relying on pro tips can help them complete the game and be more efficient.

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Let’s explore how to master the brutal Souls-like game called Lies of P using X pro tips.

The Fascination with Souls-like Games in the Gaming Community

Souls-like games have emerged as a distinct and enjoyable subgenre within the gaming community, drawing popularity due to their challenging gameplay, immersive worlds, and in-game mechanics.

The appeal of Souls-like games is their unforgiving difficulty. The Lies of P has received a 9/10 Steam rating and is considered one of the best game releases in 2023.

Top gaming blogs point out that titles like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are well-known for their steep learning curves and punishing combat systems. Players face relentless adversaries and engage in intricate boss battles that demand precision, strategy, and mastery of game mechanics. This high level of difficulty creates a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, appealing particularly to gamers who seek rewarding experiences by learning to overcome challenges.

The Lies of P protagonist gearing up for a boss battle in a crumbling cityscape.
Image via NEOWIZ

The worlds crafted in Souls-like games are intricately designed and richly detailed. Players can expect gothic cities and haunting landscapes where the environments are steeped in lore and feeling, inviting players to explore and discover. The interconnectedness of the world and hidden paths encourage players to go deep into the storyline, uncovering secrets and connecting narratives, which creates a sense of immersion rarely found in other genres.

Therefore, it's not surprising that players often seek guidance from top gaming blogs to master the challenging Lies of P.

Generally, the gameplay mechanics in Souls-like games contribute significantly to their popularity. The deliberate combat systems include precise movement and dodging, adding depth and complexity to these games.

Players must understand enemy patterns, adapt their strategies, and rely on trial and error to progress. This creates a unique gameplay loop where failure is a part of the learning process, encouraging resilience and determination among players for difficult games like Lies of P and Elden Ring.

The sense of mystery and storytelling in Souls-like games is unconventional yet captivating. Players can expect sparse narrative cues, cryptic dialogues, and environmental storytelling, allowing them to interpret the lore themselves, discussing and sharing theories within the gaming community. The communal aspect of the subgenre also contributes to its popularity.

Players often share tips, strategies, and lore discoveries, creating a sense of camaraderie and collaboration within the gaming community. Those who struggle to overcome obstacles in these games find themselves looking through the top gaming blogs for valuable insights.

An epic boss battle in the Lies of P game, featuring the protagonist fighting an enormous robotic boss.
Image via NEOWIZ

Top Gaming Blog Tips for Lies of P – How to Master the Game and Survive Longer

  • Play aggressively. One of the ways to master Lies of P is to adopt an aggressive playstyle. This is because you replenish your character's health by defeating and attacking enemies who target you. As you build momentum by continuing to attack your enemy, you also increase their stagger, enabling you to demolish them with heavier and more effective combos. When enemies are in this groggy or staggered state, they are more susceptible to damage, making aggressive play an excellent tip for Lies of P.

  • Sharpen your weapon. Battling enemies can dull your blades, necessitating regular maintenance to keep your weapon at peak sharpness. Lies of P involves sharpening your weapons through upgrades and a Grinder. By relying on this strategy and constantly upgrading your items and weapons, you can learn to add elemental damage to your weapons, leading to better outcomes.

  • Master dodging enemies. Dodging and parrying enemies are crucial aspects in Souls-like games. Top gaming blogs advise players to upgrade their dodges since it is paramount to learn to avoid enemies during intense combat. Any hits can take a serious toll on your health, so there is a lot of emphasis on using your upgrade points on your character's dodging ability. Games like The Witcher 3 and Elden Ring have difficult fight dynamics, but eventually, you learn to use your character optimally by relying on your buffs and upgrades for assistance.

  • Learn item descriptions. All items have a unique description in Lies of P, making it important to memorize what each item does so you develop an understanding of what’s most useful for your situation. The items will also tell you a lot about the game’s lore, which is more than just interesting and helps you understand the best ways to survive and master the gameplay dynamics.

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