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Age of Empires IV game art featuring screenshots of characters in battle.
Image via Relic Entertainment

Are you a fan of Age of Empires IV and looking for ways to improve your gameplay? Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, there's always room for improvement when it comes to strategy games. In this article, we'll be offering strategic insights and gameplay tips for mastering Age of Empires IV.

Focus on Resource Management

One of the critical components of Age of Empires IV is resource management. You need to collect resources to build structures, train troops, and research technologies. It's essential to manage your resources efficiently so you don't run out of them. Build resource-gathering structures in suitable locations, and make sure to protect them from enemy attacks. Keep an eye on your resource levels and plan your moves accordingly.

Scout the Map

Exploring the map is crucial in Age of Empires IV. You need to know what resources are available, where the enemy is located, and what their strategies are. Use scouts to explore the map and keep an eye out for enemy troops. Knowing the terrain can also give you an advantage in battle, so explore as much as you can.

Build a Strong Defense

A strong defense is critical to surviving in Age of Empires IV. Build walls, towers, and other defensive structures to protect your base from enemy attacks. Make sure to position them strategically so you can cover all angles of attack. Don't forget to upgrade your defenses as you progress through the game.

Use Your Troops Wisely

Troops are your primary tools for attacking and defending in Age of Empires IV. Use them wisely, and don't waste them on pointless attacks. Make sure to build a balanced army with a mix of different unit types that complement each other. Use ranged units to attack from a distance and melee units to engage enemy troops up close.

Research Technologies

Researching technologies is a vital part of Age of Empires IV. It can give you access to new units, structures, and upgrades that can give you an edge in battle. Make sure to research technologies that complement your strategy and playstyle. Prioritize technologies that can give you an advantage over your opponents.

A scene from the Age of Empires IV game featuring majestic ships gathered in front of a kingdom.
Image via Relic Entertainment

Mastering Age of Empires IV requires a combination of resource management, strategic planning, and tactical execution. By following these tips and tactics, you can improve your gameplay and become a more skilled player. Got any tricks for Age of Empires IV that we didn’t cover? Let us know with a comment below!


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