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Cover art from RPG game Destiny 2.
Image via Bungie

Unlike the straightforward progression found in many games, RPGs offer a complex world that demands more than just button-mashing skills. They are renowned for intricate storylines, formidable foes, and myriad decision points that significantly impact your character's journey. 

To conquer these challenges, a strategic and calculated approach to progression is crucial. This level-up guide will reveal strategies that set RPGs apart, providing six expert tips to help you efficiently gain experience and excel in these games.

Understanding RPGs and Their Point Systems

RPGs, with their diverse forms and point systems, shape a unique gaming experience. Grasping these systems is vital for your journey to gain experience, unlock new skills, and access rewards. They include:

  • Experience Points (XP) System

The backbone of traditional RPGs, the Experience Points (XP) system, rewards players through accomplishments, progressing to higher levels and unlocking new abilities. The XP system adds a layer of strategic depth, encouraging players to engage with the game's content strategically. Optimal progression involves selecting quests aligned with the character's strengths, engaging in well-calculated combat scenarios, and embracing a thoughtful approach to overall gameplay.

  • Skill Point System

In contrast, certain RPGs employ a Skill Point System, emphasizing a more specialized and focused character development approach. Instead of a holistic leveling mechanism, players gain skill points based on specific actions or achievements within the game. These points can then be allocated to enhance particular skills, offering a nuanced and customizable progression path.

The Skill Point System introduces a strategic element to character development, allowing players to tailor their avatars with precision. Allocating points to skills that align with the chosen playstyle contributes to a more specialized character capable of excelling in specific aspects of the game.

Art from the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game featuring a menacing, horned character.
Image via Bethesda

6 Tips for Efficiently Gaining Experience in RPGs

Navigating your RPG adventure requires more than just grasping game mechanics; it calls for a strategic mindset to efficiently accumulate experience points (XP)and skill advancements. Here are six expert tips, each meticulously explained to guide you through the process and help you level-up with precision.

  1. Select Quests Strategically

When choosing quests, consider the difficulty level, XP rewards, and alignment with your character's strengths. For example, if you're playing a mage character, quests involving magical challenges may offer more significant XP gains. 

Diversify your quest portfolio to ensure a balanced skill set; while combat-centric quests build combat prowess, puzzle-solving quests may enhance cognitive skills. The key is not just completing quests but doing so strategically to maximize XP gains and skill development.

  1. Engage in Combat Wisely

Combat in RPGs is a dynamic dance, and engaging with foes strategically is essential for efficient leveling. Understand enemy scaling, use tactical maneuvers, and choose battles that provide optimal XP without excessive risk. Employ tactical maneuvers, use the environment to your advantage, and exploit enemy weaknesses. 

In games like Dark Souls, mastering enemy patterns and adapting your combat strategy accordingly is key to surviving and gaining the maximum XP from encounters. Consider character build optimization and equip gear that complements your playstyle for enhanced combat effectiveness.

  1. Explore Thoroughly

The RPG world is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered, and thorough exploration is not just a joy but a strategic necessity. Map coverage is crucial; systematically explore every corner of the game world. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, exploration is not just about finding hidden locations but uncovering unique challenges, shrines, and lore that contribute to XP gains. 

The benefits of exploration extend beyond XP – you may find powerful gear, hidden storylines, or even unlock additional questlines. Treat exploration as an integral part of your leveling strategy to reap maximum rewards.

  1. Complete In-Game Challenges

In-game challenges are breadcrumbs leading to XP rewards, and their completion adds an extra layer of engagement to your RPG experience. Identify daily and weekly challenges in games like Destiny 2 or World of Warcraft, and incorporate them into your routine. 

These challenges often encourage diverse gameplay, from completing specific missions to achieving milestones in various game aspects. The satisfaction of completing challenges not only adds to your XP but also contributes to a sense of accomplishment, making your journey in the game more rewarding.

  1. Utilize Crafting and Skills

Crafting systems and skill development offer more than just enhancements to your character's abilities – they are potent tools for gaining XP efficiently. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, crafting high-value items not only improves your crafting skills but also contributes to XP gains. 

Strategically invest time in crafting items that fetch significant XP rewards. Balance your crafting endeavors with skill development; allocate time to improve skills that directly contribute to your character's effectiveness. For example, in The Witcher 3, improving alchemy skills not only enhances potion-making abilities but also yields additional XP rewards.

  1. Manage Skill Points Strategically

Skill points are the building blocks of your character's prowess, and their strategic allocation is paramount for efficient leveling. Align your skill point distribution with your character's build goals. In Divinity: Original Sin 2, a game that emphasizes diverse character builds, managing skill points strategically is crucial. 

For instance, if you're building a character focused on summoning abilities, allocate skill points to enhance summoning skills and synergistic abilities. Consider the synergy between skills and talents, focusing on those that complement your playstyle and contribute to your overall strategy. 

Be mindful of options if available; they provide an opportunity to reallocate points and adapt your character to changing circumstances. A focused approach to skill point management ensures your character excels in specific areas, making your journey more enjoyable and effective.

Join the Odyssey

As you venture into the captivating realm of RPGs, remember that efficient experience point (XP) gains and skill point management are keys to unlocking your character's true potential. These tips serve as a roadmap for strategic progression, maximizing your experience gains and enhancing your character's journey.

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