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A haunting female ghost from Banishers: Ghost of New Eden.
Image via Focus Entertainment

Are you ready to enter the mystical world of New Eden, where spirits roam and curses loom at every corner? If so, grab your gear and prepare for an adventure like no other! Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is here to whisk you away on an epic journey filled with mystery, romance, and plenty of supernatural encounters. 

Today, we’re bringing you a beginner's guide with every strategy in the book (so far) to conquer the challenges that await. Don’t forget to explore our other posts for more strategy guides. Let’s dive into the world of the newest RPG game on the market.

Understanding the Dynamic Duo: Red & Antea

In Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, you'll control two characters:  Antea Duarte and Red Mac Raith—two lovers on a quest to lift a curse that has befallen New Eden Town. 

As you progress through the game, you'll switch between these characters, each with unique abilities and skills.

Red excels in combat, while Antea possesses spectral powers to aid you in your journey.

Master Combat, Cooperation, and Character Switches

Combat in Ghosts of New Eden is fast-paced and requires quick thinking and precise moves.

As you battle through the hordes of spectral enemies, remember to utilize both Red and Antea's abilities effectively.

Keep an eye on their health meters and switch between them as needed to unleash devastating attacks, banish your foes, and maintain dominance in the battle game.

Pay Attention to Visual Cues

Keep an eye out for glowing rings on your characters' hands. These visual cues will guide you to interactable objects or areas that require specific skills or rituals.

Red rings indicate areas where Red's abilities are needed, while green rings signify where Antea's spectral presence is required. Watch for these cues like a hawk and use the right one to succeed in quests from all directions.

Embrace Haunting Cases

Haunting Cases are side quests within the video game, denoted by a green hue on the map interface. After completing the initial one within the first few hours of gameplay, you'll encounter numerous others throughout your journey. These Haunting Cases involve uncovering the mysteries surrounding haunted settlers to provide closure. Each case presents a unique narrative, shedding light on the individuals involved. However, the essence lies in their completion.

Concluding a Haunting Case involves making decisions that influence the storyline. Furthermore, you'll reap substantial rewards, including experience points (XP) and an Essence point. Essence points are indispensable for unlocking Antea's new skills from the Evolution menu, serving as the game's skill tree. Antea's skills, imbued with the essence of her spectral nature, prove invaluable in combat scenarios. After completing a Haunting Case, you'll typically receive a follow-up short task. Completing this task is necessary to mark the case as "Solved" in the Haunting Cases menu.

A still of Red and a ghostly Antea from the Banishers: Ghosts of Eden game, touching hands.
Image via Focus Entertainment

Make Choices That Matter: Ensure Positive Outcomes

Throughout your journey in New Eden, you'll encounter various choices that will impact the story's outcome post-completion. These will pop up during a Haunting Case or amidst the main storyline.

You’ll have three distinct options:

  • Blame: Opting for Blame entails sacrificing the settler, leading to their demise. However, this sacrifice yields essence for Antea, facilitating her Resurrection ritual.

  • Ascend: This alternative pertains to the ghost haunting the settler. Opting for Ascend involves gently guiding the ghost to transcend from the mortal realm.

  • Banish: Aligned with the characters' identity as Banishers, selecting Banish necessitates performing a Banishment ritual on the ghost.

These decisions profoundly shape the narrative trajectory and Antea's ultimate fate. Choose carefully—there are no wrong answers.

Maximize Your Skills

Unlocking and upgrading skills is essential for overcoming the challenges that lie ahead. Experiment with different abilities and playstyles to find what works best for you.

Don't be afraid to reset your skills and explore the full potential of Red and Antea's capabilities.

Master Your Banishing Rituals

As you journey through the game or embark on a Haunting Case, you'll encounter a variety of rituals that decide your fate in the video game. Initially, you'll engage in three primary rituals, with two additional ones introduced later, totaling five essential rituals. These rituals include:

  • Harkening: This ritual reveals echoes from the past, allowing you to witness scenes inaccessible in the present. Typically used during Haunting Cases to aid investigations.

  • Make-Manifest: This ritual compels ghosts or specters to materialize. It is often used to reveal the presence of haunted entities. Essential for confronting specters in Nest or Elite sites, facilitating the completion of these locations.

  • Summon Scourge: You can create a formidable spectral entity by summoning a scourge. It helps confront specters within Scourge sites and pivotal moments of the main storyline.

  • Unbounding: Unlocked after achieving progress in the game, the Unbounding Ritual is exclusive to Cursed Chests. It is used once all three required materials have been acquired.

  • Void Traveling: Unlocked during gameplay, this ritual enables entry to or exit from a Void Breach site.

Each ritual demands resources, and executing the wrong ritual still incurs material costs. Thus, knowing how they work to prevent resource wastage is imperative.

Don’t Rush the Upgrades

While upgrading your gear is essential for progressing through the video game, exercise caution and patience when choosing which items to upgrade. Consider your playstyle and the availability of resources before committing to any upgrades, and remember that exploration is the key to finding new and better gear.

Embrace Exploration

Don't rush through the main story; take your time to explore every nook and cranny of New Eden. Uncover hidden secrets, complete side quests, and unlock new areas to know the true extent of the curse that plagues the town.

With these tips in mind, you're ready to embark on your journey through the haunted streets of New Eden. So, grab your controller, prepare your spells, and prepare to banish the ghosts that haunt this cursed town. The fate of Antea and Red lies in your hands—are you up to the challenge?


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