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A still of a bewildered Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice.
Image via Warner Bros.

The recent release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has received mixed reviews. While certain aspects of the game have been praised, two significant problems have marred the overall player experience. Let’s explore these issues and their impact on the game.

Repetitive Gameplay Loop

A major criticism of Kill the Justice League is its repetitive gameplay loop. Despite its open-world setting and unique character abilities, gameplay often boils down to monotonous tasks. Players find themselves repeating similar combat sequences, fulfilling mundane objectives, and traversing the open world in a predictable fashion. This repetitiveness can lead to boredom and frustration, especially after extended play.

Potential Solutions

Greater Mission Diversity: Introducing a variety of mission objectives that utilize each character's abilities could reduce the monotony.

Engaging World Activities: Enhancing the open world with more compelling activities outside the main quests could provide players with additional exploration and engagement opportunities.

Meaningful Character Progression: Developing a progression system where enhancements significantly impact abilities and play styles could deepen player investment and satisfaction.

Monetization Model Raises Concerns

Another issue is the game's monetization strategy. The implementation of a battle pass and in-game purchases raises concerns about potential pay-to-win mechanics, which could disrupt game balance. The inclusion of impactful cosmetic microtransactions also creates a divide between paying and non-paying players.

Potential Solutions

Focus on Cosmetic Microtransactions: Restricting in-game purchases to cosmetics, such as skins and weapon attachments, could mitigate pay-to-win concerns and maintain gameplay fairness.

Rewards Earned Through Gameplay: Ensuring that the most valuable items and upgrades can be earned through gameplay would encourage player engagement with the core mechanics, rather than through financial investment.

Transparent Communication: Open dialogue about the monetization model and proactive engagement with community feedback can build trust and address player concerns effectively.

A still featuring four Suicide Squad anti-heroes.
Image via Warner Bros.

The Verdict

While Kill the Justice League delivers some engaging elements, its repetitive gameplay and problematic monetization model detract significantly from the overall experience. By making strategic adjustments to the gameplay and adopting a more transparent approach to monetization, the developers could greatly enhance the game and improve player satisfaction. It remains to be seen whether these changes will be implemented to help Kill the Justice League achieve its full potential.

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